Water Pipe Burst: How To Go About Fixing Burst Pipe In Your Toronto Home?

Your firWhen you experience any type of water pipe burst, it can inflict a lot of water damage to a building and everything therein. A burst pipe is an emergency. There are some things you can do to help protect your pipes and also to minimize the damage in case of a water pipe burst situation.st paragraph ...

Why pipes burst?

One of the steps in prevention is understanding why pipes burst.

The most common reason is that ice builds up in the pipes, causing pressure in areas where there is little or no ice at all. Those are the areas where the build-up breaks the pipe. That’s why a leak may not be in the spot you expected.

The pipes most vulnerable to bursting in any setting are those in external walls, attics, a crawl space or pipes that come in direct contact with the outdoors. Older homes in particular run higher risks as many pipes may not have proper insulation. On average, when the temperature reaches 20 degrees F. or below, pipe freezing can happen, particularly if a house is without heat or running water. For this reason, professional plumbers may recommend re-routing your pipes to protected regions of the house and adding proper insulation (especially if you’re someone who goes to a winter home where you cannot monitor the conditions).

Letting your water run may also deter a pipe burst. Effectively the small amount of water running through the lines freezes evenly. This, in turn, keeps excess pressure from building up in your lines. Nonetheless, this is not a sure-fire deal and you may still end up with frozen pipes. When this happens it’s time to call an emergency plumber. In Toronto and area, A to Z Plumbing & Drain will be glad to help you.

While waiting for repair of a burst pipe

While you’re waiting for professional help, it’s a good idea to turn off your main shut off valve. If you don’t know where that’s located, try in the vicinity of your water meter.

Alternatively, look where the water pipes first come into your home. After shutting that valve, drain the cold water from all your faucets and flush all toilets. This should significantly decrease leakage until help arrives.

While you’re waiting, call your insurance company and get information on what you need for a damage claim. Not all homeowner’s policies cover water damage from INSIDE the house, but nearly all cover damage that originates from outside the house, such as exposed pipes. Take pictures of any visible damage and retain them for your company.

Fixing a burst pipe

As a plumber, I won’t recommend that you fix a burst pipe by yourself. In Toronto, there are enough rules and regulations about repairs that need to be done by a certified plumber, and fixing burst pipes is regulated. You may not get your money back from the insurance company if you do it yourself.
If it is feasible to get more than one quote on your pipe burst, it’s recommended as many insurance companies require comparative quotes. They can also help you in working with your contractor in terms of negotiating prices (including labor) minus any deductible.
It’s best to call a professional when pipes burst – not only for the plumbing but also any electrical items that may have been affected. This is important not only for your own safety but also for the overall protection of your home.

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