Drain Pipe Video Inspection

Drain pipe video inspection helps you uncover hidden problems with your drain pipes and find the best strategy of dealing with drain issues. Not many people are aware of dangers that leaking drain pipes pose to their homes, their budgets, and their health. Not everyone knows that plumbers can use this technology to check your pipes just like doctors use endoscopy to check your stomach.

How is drain pipe video inspection done?

Drain camera is en expensive machine that can cost in the neighborhood of 2,000 dollars. It consists of one small camera on the long cable, connected to a digital display. A plumber would make it move through you drain pipes and record their condition in a movie.

Here is an example of a movie recorded by the drain camera:

This video shows how those roots look like and how they grow into your pipes causing cracks, leaks and pipe blockages that result in pipes back up.

What does drain camera inspection show?

Most common issues discovered by the drain camera inspections are:

Clogged drains

While sewer pipes get clogged mostly because of objects dropped into the sewer, such as children’s toys, cloth or women hygiene products, drain pipes usually experience grease build up. As greasy water goes down the pipe with some remains of food, it gets stuck to the pipes and hardens. Just like cholesterol in our arteries, grease and fat

Leaking drains

Causes of leaks can vary from tree roots grown into the drain to cracks and disconnects in drain pipe joints.

· Nice mature trees have very strong root system, and eventually growing roots break into the drain pipes, seeking water.

· Old houses have drain pipes made of clay, and clay pipes are very susceptible to breaks.

· If a basement renovation has been ever done to your house, chances are the earth could have shifted and caused some cracks in clay drain pipes.

· Even newer drain pipe can leak, and this usually happens at the joints. As the earth shifts, freezes and unfreezes, drain pipes take the hit and get cracks.

· Finally, drain pipes can freeze. Freezing water can cause breaks in the pipes.

The consequences of leaking drains are huge, although not easily visible right away. Leaking drain pipes cause water damage to your basement. Wet basement is a dangerous place to be in, especially if you are a kid, because kids are most susceptible to the allergies and asthma caused by mold. One day, you may find your basement flooded and spend thousands of dollars not only on drain repairs, but also on mold remediation and new flooring and walls.

Drain pipe video inspection is the best way to uncover hidden problems before they became huge. They are also recommended when you are buying an old home. Call your local plumber to do home plumbing inspection along with general home inspection. You might be able to negotiate a better home price if you uncover drain issues before you close the sale rather than after.

At A to Z Plumbing & Drain, we offer a free drain pipe camera inspection with any home plumbing repair. We believe in giving you all the options and letting you making an informed decision that will save you money. Call us (647) 287-9589 and (416) 519-4919 to schedule your appointment.

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