Backwater Valve Rebate In Mississauga: Are You Eligible?

 Backwater valve rebate is offered for a limited time by the City of Mississauga where backwater valve installations have been on the rise for the past five years. As homeowners get hit by extreme weather conditions, and become more educated about impact of recent storms on city’s sewer system, they hurry to protect their abodes from devastating events such as sewer backup and basement flooding. Mississauga residents have experienced basement flooding with increased frequency in the recent years. As a response, City of Mississauga introduced this rebate program to help citizens protect their homes.

Backwater Valve Rebate Conditions

City of Mississauga is currently offering  $700 rebate for backwater valve installation to eligible homeowners. This program will run until December 31, 2016 (applications for work done before Dec 31, 2016 will be accepted till June 30, 2017)

Before you get excited, beware that conditions of this program are different than those of the City of Toronto. For example, City of Toronto would cover almost any professional installation, while City of Mississauga has stricter eligibility criteria.

Are you qualified for a backwater valve rebate?

You are recommended to follow the long list of guidelines to make a correct decision. Proper determination whether  a sanitary backwater valve is right for your home may require a significant amount of your time. City recommends that you first go through an exhaustive list of conditions on their official website to “...Assess whether a sanitary backwater valve is the correct choice for your home… and hire a licensed plumber’

You can find out the exhaustive checklist of conditions on the official website, or confirm eligibility with the City of Mississauga  by calling 905-791-7800, ext. 4409.

We suggest you call a local licensed plumber first. Master Plumber Dmitry Monastirsky  is available at 647-287-9589  to answer your questions.

We know the program, and can quickly pre-qualify you on the phone.  This will save you time and not cost you a dime.

Mississauga Homeowner Pre-qualification

Here are some things we as plumbers will be looking at when assessing your need for backwater valve and your eligibility for the rebate:

“Consider hiring a licensed plumber to investigate your home’s plumbing and assess your downspouts

Questions to ask the plumber during your home's plumbing assessment:

  • What connections are there to my sanitary sewer lines? Are all connections sanitary sewer connections or are there connections from weeping tiles, sump pumps or other sources of clear water? Are there any unknown connections? Ask the plumber to provide a drawing of all connections.
  • Are weeping tiles connected to the sanitary sewer pipe (lateral) downstream of the valve? (If yes, wastewater could be forced into the weeping tiles.)
  • Can the sanitary backwater valve be installed directly onto the sewer pipe (lateral)?
  • Are downspouts connected to weeping tiles?
  • Can all the downspouts be disconnected? Do eaves troughs and/or downspouts need to be rerouted in order to fully disconnect?
  • If not, do I need to install additional devices such as a sump pump and pit to prevent flooding?
  • Should the sanitary backwater valve be installed inside or directly outside the home? (as close to your foundation wall as possible)
  • Does the sanitary backwater valve recommended meet the Ontario Building code requirements (Section ..”

As you can see, the conversation with a plumber is warranted.

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If you received a recommendation to install a backflow valve or backflow prevention device, consult with a plumber. Some people, websites and even insurance companies use these  terms incorrectly or interchangeably with “backwater valve”, so before you install, make sure you are resolving the right problem.

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