Basement Flood Protection Program

For a Limited Time Only ,get two FREE plumbing services and protect your basement:

Our Basement Flood Protection program has two goals:

·         Alert Toronto residents about a new danger associated with climate change

·         Help them protect their property at the lowest cost using city rebates.

Most homeowners don’t know that the number of Toronto basements flooded for the first time keeps increasing year over year because of the climate change.

Summer 2013 was disastrous for many of them. Basement flooding with water or sewage happened to many of your neighbours. 

You see, city sewage pipes don’t have the capacity to handle  water dumped into it by heavy violent rains  in a matter of minutes. These rains have become more frequent as climate changes.

When city’s old sewage system overflows, water mixed with sewage flows back into unprotected basements.

Even previously safe houses can now be  in danger.

In fact, City of Toronto has published a map of 32 chronically flooded neighbourhoods. And yours may be one of them.

The more neighbours protect their basements, the more chances that sewage will flow into yours because it has nowhere else to go.

You may end up paying  a hefty price for clean up and renovation. City declines 99% of damage claims. 

Good news is, protecting your home is not expensive because of city’s generous rebates.


Protect Your Home And Get City Rebates... And two FREE Services From A to Z Plumbing & Drain:

All you need to do is work with city certified plumber who will guide you through the process.

Most homes need a backwater valve, a sump pump, or both. Some don’t need protection at all. Plumbers help you determine whether your home is safe.

Pick up your phone and call master plumber Dmitry at (647) 287-9589 or email him at for a FREE consultation.

A To Z Plumbing & Drain saves you time and money by helping you choose the right device and getting city permits for you on your behalf.

 We  take care of your permits for a reasonable price:

·         You don’t waste one day of your life at the city office 

·         You don’t deal with tedious paperwork.

·         Your application won’t get denied

So you get your free consultation, and help with the  permit and rebate application.

For a limited time, we also offer a FREE home plumbing inspection, normally $180, with every order. We will check your drain pipes and all plumbing systems while we are working in your home.

Your backwater valve or sump pump will be installed in a fast, clean and professional manner. You get a warranty.

From now on, you won’t lose your sleep every time heavy rain is in the forecast.

No raw sewage in your basement.


Why Do We Do This?

It is human nature to postpone dealing with invisible threats like sudden flooding, and to hope they will not happen to you. But they do. We get a lot of calls AFTER the first serious rain.

2013 rain season have set the record, and weather experts predict occurrences like this will be regular. We want to encourage you to act before it’s too late.

So please, don't wait. Talk to us. We are plumbers, not some pushy sales people. In fact, company owner has an engineering background, that helps in complex plumbing install situations. We will explain rebates and costs to you so that you can make an informed decision. Get on our waiting list for the basement protection, and let us help you.  

Give  master plumber Dmitry a call at (647) 287-9589 or email him at and start protecting your home with a FREE consultation.


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